Best Long Beach Grooming

Going to the Groomers can be traumatizing on a dog’s first time or 100th time. Before you put someone else at risk, I would DIY first so that you know how he does with a washing. Some dogs don’t like water on their tail, on their face, air dryers, or simply are scared of the tub or really do need a muzzle. Even if the dog doesn’t come out perfectly dry you can provide some information for when you do go to the groomers. It’s their job to wash the dogs, but they can better adjust their methods if they know before hand.

While Brody was a dream when I washed him (he loves being sudded up!). I learned the hard way after bringing Brody once to that some groomers have only the profit margin on the line – after picking up my dog I found out that not only did they leave the muzzle on him the entire time (which ruined the powder coat finish) but my dogs toenails were broken and bleeding because they left him inside of a kennel and he was freaking out because they used a heated air dryer. In addition to the $60 price – he was still wet afterwards and was never brushed.

I decided from then on, that I would only bring him to a groomer that he could trust, and a groomer that cared about making the dog feel at ease. It’s the groomers responsibility to make sure that the dog is comfortable, and it doesn’t take very much to show them that.

Ok so no further! Soggy Dog has been taking care of Brody since he was adopted. The first time I brought him in they spent 6 hours getting matte’s out of his coat. Ever since it usually only takes about 3 hours and they are priced at $60 for a shampoo and brushing. They have never needed his muzzle, because they are all about making the dog feel comfortable and at ease! I recommend going out to Rosie’s Dog Beach in Belmont for a day, and in the afternoon schedule a wash while you go next door to Pizza Nista for the best slice in LB!


Forget to make a appointment or simply want to wash your dog yourself? There is a fantastic little DIY wash right next to the beach called The Paw Spa. For $15 they provide:

Hot and cold water
Scrub brushes
3 choices of shampoo (I prefer to bring my own Paws & Pals Natural Oatmeal Dog Shampoo And Conditioner )
Ear Cleaner
Blow dryers
Time allowed- 30 minutes

If you go at peak hour times they are more strict on the 30min rule, otherwise they are pretty easy going if its slow! Pictured below: Brody waiting for our turn at Paw Spa.


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